Japan Real Estate Summit – Spring 2024

What a Day!!!

The Japan Real Estate Summit, Spring 2024 session, was a roaring success!

Check out the video presentations, slide decks and photo gallery from the day below.

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(Footage from the JRE Summit, Autumn 2023)

The Summit's Highlights Reel

Emil Gorgees - Various Mortgages for Different Buyer Profiles

Download Emil’s presentation slides here

Blanka Kobayashi - How to Choose the Right Renovation Company?

Download Blanka’s presentation slides here

Tracey Northcott - The Differences Between Minpaku & Hotel Licenses

Download Tracey’s presentation slides here

Anton Wormann - DIY Cheap Renovations & Short-term-stay Profitability

Download Anton’s presentation slides here

Ziv Nakajima-Magen - How to Work with Japanese Property Professionals

Download Ziv’s presentation slides here

Joey Stockermans - Insights from the "Akiya Mart" Platform

Download Joey’s presentation slides here

Daigo Sato - Breaking Down Taxation for Property Owners

Download Sato san’s presentation slides here

Japan Real Estate Experts Q&A Panel