About us


NTI (“Nippon Tradings International”) is a buyers’ agency & portfolio manager helping you buy, sell and manage your real estate properties in Japan, from the comfort of your home or office – without having to speak, read or write Japanese

From property research, selection, negotiation, settlement & ownership transfer to rent & financial management, portfolio expansion & exit strategies – we’re a one-stop-shop, and your gateway to the world’s 2nd biggest property market.

Permanent/holiday homes, & lucrative property investments, starting from as little as $20,000.

About NTI

NTI’s client advisors and principals are all property owners, and are trained and experienced in relating to your unique requirements. We present you with the best that the market has to offer and represent you – at the highest professional standards – to your complete satisfaction.

After settlement is concluded, and if required, we will also handle ongoing management of your properties, collect your rental income (in case of investment properties) and pay your bills, as well as advise on the best decisions to be made when these are required – all under the same roof.

Please take advantage of our services from the comfort of your home or office. Our pre-quoted and fixed fees are extremely affordable, and are always clearly included in all purchase and income calculations, as published on this website and communicated directly to you.

A reliable partner

NTI is a registered, licensed and fully compliant Japanese company. As any such company, we are monitored, regulated, and report to national tax and legal authorities on a regular basis.

We are not real estate agents, developers, wholesalers, short-sales, flippers – nor are we associated with finance, mortgage, or foreclosure agencies of any sort. As buyers’ agents and proxies, NTI represents only YOU – the buyer – and YOUR interests. 

We will also provide legal and financial references upon request, and at no cost, from our local accountants and legal partners here in Japan. Providing complete and thorough documentation proves our identity, reliability, and accountability. Ask us for our Credibility Pack and receive this information today.









Meet the Team

NTI is helmed by a dedicated and team of experienced, reliable and client-oriented real-estate professionals – all of whom are active global property investors themselves – with each of them bringing a unique perspective to bear on their particular field of expertise and responsibility.

With former careers spanning a diverse and deep range of fields and positions, our principals and staff members are there for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to answer queries, handle requests, and provide a seamless and transparent, complete suite of property portfolio services – from first contact and purchase, through ongoing management of all assets, and all the way through to expansions, upgrades or exits.

Ziv Nakajima-Magen
Partner & Executive Manager, Asia-Pacific

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Born in Israel and subsequently migrated to Australia – now a long-term resident of Japan – Ziv is a seasoned veteran of corporate IT project management. As head of the projects & expert services division for “TEAM Computers & Systems”, one of Israel’s largest IT infrastructure providers and the leading supplier for the country’s highly classified military, police and ministry of defense, Ziv has been successfully mitigating highly demanding organizational environments, project deadlines, financial and top-secret security constraints, strict budgets and alternating milestones/deliverables.

His previous positions include support & QA department management for large software companies, senior project management & technical support center designs, rollout and management, and other senior consultancy roles. Ziv has brought two decades of high-end project management expertise to bear on his new chosen vocation, since 2011, leveraging his skills in service of the firm’s clientele and its’ partners.

Ziv speaks English, Hebrew, Japanese, and rudimentary Arabic.

Chikako Nakajima-Magen
Partner & Chief Executive Officer

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Formerly international channel manager for “KDDI”, a joint “British Telecom” venture and Japan’s second-largest IT company – Chikako has spent the vast majority of her career placed in charge of international relationships between the company’s Japanese headquarters and technical offices world-wide. With previous positions including sales & marketing management duties for companies such as “NTT” (Japan’s biggest telco), “Kodak”, “Hitachi” & the Italian Commerce Institute in Tokyo – Chikako brings a level-headed, methodical and inherently Japanese approach to the international venture that is NTI, successfully bridging the cultural and language gap between the foreigner-wary, traditional and structured Japanese business environment and the company’s fast-moving, results-oriented foreign clientele.

Chikako speaks Japanese, English, French and Italian.

Natalia Hirai
Sales & Marketing Manager


A high-energy, goal driven, IT, game design and education professional, with academic degrees in arts, science, education and business, and over 16 years of experience in the education, aged care and financial management sectors, Natalia understands the importance of client care and support.  In her position as Sales and Marketing Manager with NTI, she values inquiries from both seasoned and novice buyers, and diligently keeps clients up to date on Japan’s regional business news and featured property opportunities. 

Her goal is to ensure that clients are always kept up to date and well versed in Japan’s real estate market and general business environment – so that they always continue to reap the personal and financial benefits driving from their portfolios of Japanese properties.