Fujitsu's HQ Relocation from Central Tokyo to Kawasaki

Fujitsu is joining the exodus of companies moving their main offices out of Tokyo as remote work catches on in Japan and reduces the need to maintain expensive office space.

The tech giant announced Sept. 22 it will relocate from Minato-ku to Kawasaki City by the end of September next year.

It said the move is the result of a review of the company’s office needs now that so many employees are working from home. The practice took hold during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fujitsu moved its headquarters from a building in the capital’s Marunouchi district to its current site at Shiodome City Center in 2003.

Flexible working styles and teleworking became the norm during the health crisis. Among employees who work for its main hubs around the nation, only about 20 percent toil away in company offices.

In addition to telecommuting, some employees use small shared offices contracted by the company, reducing the need for spacious premises in central Tokyo.

The company will not require employees to commute to the Kawasaki office after the relocation.

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