Business Networking, Board/Card Games Event

Are you interested in business & entrepreneurship?

How about board games & card games?


Strange combination? We actually believe the two mix phenomenally well!


Not only are they both super-fun – but both also require and help hone the same skills – strategic and adaptive thinking, resource management, careful planning, risk taking, conflict resolution – AND, most of all – social interaction.


To test our theory (but really just because we want to have a blast and meet as many of you as possible), we’ve decided to throw together Japan’s very first Business Networking & Gaming Weekend!


Dates & Venue

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Lounge1The event will be held on 10, 11 & 12 December, 2021 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) at the gorgeous “Hotel Montan” in Hakata, Fukuoka – a trendy city hotel with a FABULOUS lounge area, private conference/gaming rooms, and spacious guest rooms. Hotel check-in time is 3 pm, and check-out is 12 pm – however, we have use of the facilities all the way from Friday at 7 am and until Sunday at 6 pm – feel free to arrive at your convenience and use the free luggage storage facilities.


Who Should Attend?

Interest and/or experience in either business and/or gaming is NOT a pre-requisite! You will find everyone in attendance, from experienced business-folks seeking to unleash their inner geek, to avid gamers thinking about starting their first business, and anyone in between.
We invite you to mingle, network with like-minded people, learn more about business, try your hand at board & card games, form social connections – and simply enjoy yourself, as you see fit and as suits your interests.

Guest speakers

Jason BallJason Ball

An Australian, living in Tokyo for 15+ years – to say that Jason is an avid networker would be the understatement of a lifetime. Admin & manager of the Business In Japan community, with close to 70,000 members on LinkedIn, Jason has, over the years, extensively spoken and written about doing business in the land of the rising sun – and is often the default go-to person for any ex-pat looking for business connections in the country.

Host of the BIJ clubhouse rooms and countless in-person and virtual Japan business events over the years, Jason has agreed to join us and share his expertise in an open presentation/Q&A session on the art of business networking and how to form and maintain mutually beneficial business relationships. (Read some of his many articles and posts on life, work and business in Japan here).



Mario Brandon Long

Originally from the US, Mario Brandon Long has worked in numerous industries, such as real estate and sports marketing as a Business Development Director, before incorporating his own company in 2020 – Sakura Phoenix K.K. Based in Tokyo, their mission is to show kids how to express their creativity and realize their dreams by operating their own businesses.
Together with his children, and artist David Mazzucchi, they created and successfully crowd-funded “Golden Age of Pirates”, an original strategy board game with unique characters and gameplay mechanics. The game has a diverse cast of characters, and is set in a fantasy world that will also be featured in an upcoming book series, and eventually an anime adaptation.
Mario will be speaking to us about how to create, fund and successfully market board games.
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Ziv Nakajima-Magen

An Israeli-Australian, Ziv and his partner, Chikako, have co-founded and been successfully running a real-estate property advisory & portfolio management company in Japan since 2011.

Host of the popular “Japan Real Estate” podcast and a regular speaker at national & global real-estate property business events, Ziv has been assisting foreigners in purchasing, selling and managing their property holdings in Japan for the past decade, and is considered one of the leading & most accessible authorities on the topic.

Ziv will be speaking to us about how to successfully invest in real-estate property in the land of the rising sun.

The Games

We will be providing, teaching and helping you play a wide variety of games, from entry level, fun and light social, 10-30 minute board games and card games such as “Exploding Kittens”, “Forbidden Island/Desert”, “Welcome to the Dungeon”, “Kabuto Sumo” and “Monopoly Deal” (not to be confused with Monopoly) – through 45-90 minutes mid-range, puzzly brain twisters and co-operative masterpieces such as “Carcassonne”, “The Isle of Cats”, the “Tiny Epic” series and “Islebound” – and all the way to deeply involved, thematic strategy games that take several hours to complete, such as “Black Rose Wars”, “Nemesis”, “Viscounts of the West Kingdom” and “Indonesia”.

If you’ve got your own favorite games, we highly encourage you to bring some of them with you as well, to teach and play with others – after all, there’s no better way to connect with new people!


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The Food 

Our celebrated event chef, Chillean-born Maria Monica Alvear Cabezas, is Fukuoka city’s top choice for private events, and for good reason.

Catering to private events large and small, Monica’s creations are made from simple, healthy ingredients, are unbelievably flavorsome, and one simply can’t get enough of them!

Here’s a mouth-watering taste of what she’s been up to recently – 

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* Monica will be providing all lunch and dinner services during the weekend – the venue will provide breakfast vouchers for guests to use at a nearby cafe’


We offer full room & board (6 meals service), room-only and single-day ticket options