Become an NTI Client

Thank you for choosing to work with us at NTI – we are looking forward to assisting you with your purchase, sale, property management and all other Japan real-estate related tasks you may need.

If you would like to be onboarded as a client, please complete THIS FORM – you will first need to prepare the following –

  • Google username to fill in the form – if you do not have one yet, you can sign up for a Google account here
  • A clear colour scan of your passport’s ID page.
  • Our two engagement documents, signed and witnessed, as per the instructions below –



Contract of services



IMPORTANT – Notes for execution –

* Please fill in the full name/s of the property owner/s, including any middle names, exactly as per your passport/s

* Please fill in your complete addresses, including states/prefectures/postcode and country

* Please sign at the bottom of the first two pages of the contract, above “Client 1″/”Client 2” (in case of joint ownership)

* The date of expiry on the POA is entirely up to you, but we’ll always need a valid document to manage your properties – if you’d like to avoid having to re-execute when expired, feel free to leave the date field blank – this will mean you’ll need to notify us via email if and when you’ll want to terminate our authority.

* Both documents need to be witnessed by a Notary public (in Australia/New Zealand, a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner of Declarations will suffice), with their certificate or stamp/seal attached.

Once the form has been submitted and all documents uploaded, we will review your submission, and then contact you to finalize the onboarding process directly.