Real Estate in Japan

We all want to invest – but it’s becoming harder and harder to decide in what, where, or even how to invest these days. As global economy re-writes itself, many turn to Asia and its expanding and developing mega-markets, for investment opportunities. Language and cultural gaps, however, make Asia seem alien, remote and un-accessible.

And so, foreigners remain largely unaware of the great real estate opportunities available in some of Japan’s less known metropolitan centres – areas where tenanted studio apartments, for instance, can be purchased for as little as $25,000, and yield their owners 8-12% annual net pre-tax return in rent alone – in the safest and most reliable business environment imaginable.

Big names like Goldman Sachs, TPG, Fortress Holdings, Deutsche Bank Group and a great many others seem to concur with this view, recently establishing Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in Tokyo and expanding their real-estate portfolios nation-wide, targeting Japan’s stable, lucrative returns (Japanese Real Estate News).

Why Invest in Japan?

Japan, while allowing large freedoms and even offering tax incentives for foreign investors, remains a closed environment on a personal, small/medium business level. English-speaking realty agents are hard to find out of Tokyo and other central cities, where attractive investment opporunities – such as those offered in more rural areas – simply do not exist.

This is exactly where we come in.

NTI is the first company with an established, high-tech infrastructure on the ground in Japan and abroad, which enables you, the investor, to purchase, manage and receive income on your realty investments – without ever having to set foot in Japan – and without having to pay outrageous solicitors, translators & mediator fees – making our services affordable and keeping your investment lucrative, even if your entire investment budget is $20-25,000.

How it Works

Added Value

We will also provide cost-efficient tax and accounting services through our local connections, comprehensive and reasonably priced owners’ insurance policies, maintenance and renovation professionals. View a Complete Deal Breakdown to see detailed costs and income specifications.

After the purchase, your account manager will always be on the lookout for you, spotting, reporting and negotiating the best deals out there – for you to upgrade, expand or refine your portfolio, to throw in prime, unique properties for personal use & holiday rentals, or even to assist you in “cashing out” at any stage and selling your assets. We will recommend exit strategies, act upon them, and retrieve your original investment sum or better – all this without compromising your financial position at any given moment.

Our care and diligence in protecting our clients’ investments is our modus operandi. “Your Future is Our Priority” – this is more than just a motto for us. We recognize that you have placed a part of your family’s future in our hands, and treat this responsibility gravely. We’re here to make you some money, and there’s plenty of it to be made – safely and quickly – in Japan.