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Housing Demand and Tourism Boost Land Prices in Japan

05 July, 2017 – Land prices in Japan rose 0.4 percent on average as of Jan. 1 from a year earlier, marking the second consecutive year of gain, the National Tax Agency said in its annual report released Monday. The more »

You Asked Us…I’m new to Japan’s property market. Where is the best place to invest?

22 Jun, 2017 – Across Japan, other than in Tokyo, foreign investors have been turning to investments in high yield, cash flowing apartments that are surprisingly affordable. A property market of high supply and equally high demand. From USD$25,000 to more »

Japan’s Economy on a Warm Streak

15 Jun, 2017 – TOKYO — Japan’s economic engine may not exactly be roaring, but there is a definite hum in the air. The economy grew for a fifth consecutive quarter at the start of 2017, the longest stretch of more »

Japan’s Shared Houses a Trendy Lifestyle Choice for Social Singles

22 May, 2017 – Fully furnished rooms with shared kitchens, chandeliers, soundproof music rooms and parties galore. Plus, the chance of finding the love of your life. Shared houses in Tokyo as well as in major cities such as Kyoto more »

Sapporo Becomes First Major City to Recognize Same-Sex Partnerships

17 May, 2017 – SAPPORO – The municipal government of Sapporo has said it plans to officially recognize same-sex partnerships between gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples from June, becoming the first major city in Japan to do so. The more »

Japan’s Real Estate Sector Poised to Thrive as Nation’s Wages Expected to Accelerate

11 May, 2017 – TOKYO • It is not making headlines yet, but wages in Japan are rising the fastest in decades, in a shift that is poised to divide the nation’s companies – and their stocks – into winners more »