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Quality Affordable Homes for Rural Japan

25 Jun, 2019 – More than 8 million homes lie abandoned across Japan, a symptom of the declining population and people’s migration to major cities. For one company, this isn’t just an ominous demographic signal, it is also a business more »

Hong Kong Investors Eye Japan’s High Yield Data Centres

18 Jun, 2019 – HONG KONG — Asian real estate investors are turning to rapidly expanding data centers as alternative investments amid a region-wide property slump. Nearly half of property investors in the Asia-Pacific region are active or plan to be active more »

More Japanese Short-Term Rental Properties Expected Ahead of 2020 Olympics

10 Jun, 2019 – Airbnb Inc. says it’s back in business in Japan, a year after stricter home-sharing regulations forced it to freeze a major portion of its listings in the country. There are 50,000 listings available in the country, more »

Growing Number of Japan’s Old Hotels Converted to “Onsen” Inns

 29 May, 2019 – For Japan’s growing flood of foreign tourists, one of the top internet search terms is “onsen,” the traditional hot springs where travelers have soaked since the days of the samurai. Now some of the world’s oldest more »