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Japan’s Healthcare Property Market Projects a Promising Future

08 May, 2017 – When investors look at Japan, they invariably think about its ageing population and the effect it will have on savings. Astute players in the property industry have begun to tap the potential returns that can be more »

Government Subsidies for Home-Owners Renting to Seniors

05 May, 2017 – An initiative to incentivize property owners to make available vacant homes for use by the elderly, low-income households and child-rearing families won approval in the Diet on Wednesday. The Upper House unanimously approved the bill that more »

RETalkAsia Interview with Priti Donnelly, Sales/Marketing Manager at NTI

01 May, 2017 – Priti Donnelly is the sales and marketing manager at Nippon Tradings International, a proxy and buyers’ agency representing foreign investors with purchasing, selling and managing real estate in Japan. She understands the importance of transparency in more »

Japan Grapples with Labor Shortage Amidst Surging Condo Construction

28 Apr, 2017 – TOKYO — Construction companies in Japan are scrambling to hire site managers as the industry is gearing up for a surge in building projects ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. A website operated by C4, a specialized more »

Japanese Companies Actively Hire Foreign Workers Prompting Diversity

17 Apr, 2017 – TOKYO — The net inflow of foreign residents into Japan was the largest ever during the last statistical year, as the government pushes policies to attract foreign workers to lessen the economic repercussions from a declining more »

Increasing Number of Foreign Entrepreneurs Call Fukuoka Home

5 Apr, 2017 – From the fifth-floor office of his internet startup, Kazz Watabe can see the sea bass jump in the bay as he works on his fishing website, to the sound of jazz and the waves washing on more »

Airbnb Japan Moves out of the Grey and into the Green

23 Mar, 2017 – Airbnb Inc. is finally getting the green light to do business in Japan after years of operating in gray areas of the law. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Cabinet approved rules on Friday limiting home-sharing by private more »

Kawasaki Studio – High-yielding Gem Near Tokyo

06 Mar, 2017 – Ziv Nakajima – Magen analyses the pros and cons of buying a tenanted studio unit in up-and-coming Kawasaki, Japan’s fastest growing city. Kawasaki city, aside from its immediate proximity to central Tokyo – 15-20 minutes by more »

Three Misconceptions about Japan’s Properties

28 Feb, 2017 – Japan’s attractive property market draws real estate investors worldwide for its high yield, affordability, rental income cash flow and safe haven economic environment. While the real estate investment arena is undoubtedly attractive, and the second largest more »

Taiwan and Singapore Banks Offer Some Flexibility to Japan’s Daunting Mortgage Process

20 Feb, 2017 – TOKYO — Applying for a mortgage can be a cumbersome process in any country. For many non-Japanese looking to buy real estate in Japan, trying to get a loan from a Japanese bank is a daunting more »

Japan – 3rd Largest Economy in the World Sought for Trade Deals after TPP Demise

27 Jan, 2017 – TOKYO — President Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal should have been good news for Hitoshi Kondo, a Japanese rice farmer. The sweeping 12-nation agreement, negotiated by the more »

Tokyo Area Condos Drop as Condo Market Expected to Rise in Suburbs

23 Jan, 2017 – New condominiums put up for sale in the greater Tokyo area in 2016 fell 11.6 percent from the previous year to 35,772 units, the lowest since 1992, just after the implosion of the bubble economy, a more »

Japan’s Investment Property Market – 2016 Summary, 2017 Forecast

12 Jan, 2017 – As 2016 draws to an end, it is now time to re-visit last year’s forecasts, compare them with current trends and numbers, as published by regional industry leaders, and attempt to hazard a guess as to more »

Maglev Bullet Train Line from Tokyo to Nagoya Scheduled for 2027

9 Jan, 2016 – Work to build a line for magnetically levitated bullet trains has kicked off 10 years before its scheduled 2027 launch as Japan looks to shorten the trip from Tokyo to Nagoya to just 40 minutes. Construction more »

New Legislation Expected for Home-Sharing Accommodations in Japan 2017

30 Dec, 2016 – TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The “minpaku” lodging service industry is stepping up preparations for a government move that will allow individuals and businesses to rent out vacant homes and rooms for tourists without permission from local more »