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Japan – 3rd Largest Economy in the World Sought for Trade Deals after TPP Demise

27 Jan, 2017 – TOKYO — President Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal should have been good news for Hitoshi Kondo, a Japanese rice farmer. The sweeping 12-nation agreement, negotiated by the more »

Tokyo Area Condos Drop as Condo Market Expected to Rise in Suburbs

23 Jan, 2017 – New condominiums put up for sale in the greater Tokyo area in 2016 fell 11.6 percent from the previous year to 35,772 units, the lowest since 1992, just after the implosion of the bubble economy, a more »

Japan’s Investment Property Market – 2016 Summary, 2017 Forecast

12 Jan, 2017 – As 2016 draws to an end, it is now time to re-visit last year’s forecasts, compare them with current trends and numbers, as published by regional industry leaders, and attempt to hazard a guess as to more »

Maglev Bullet Train Line from Tokyo to Nagoya Scheduled for 2027

9 Jan, 2016 – Work to build a line for magnetically levitated bullet trains has kicked off 10 years before its scheduled 2027 launch as Japan looks to shorten the trip from Tokyo to Nagoya to just 40 minutes. Construction more »

New Legislation Expected for Home-Sharing Accommodations in Japan 2017

30 Dec, 2016 – TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The “minpaku” lodging service industry is stepping up preparations for a government move that will allow individuals and businesses to rent out vacant homes and rooms for tourists without permission from local more »

Visitors to Japan’s Drone City can Experience Drones, Driverless Taxis and Robots

19 Dec, 2016 – Come 2020 when the Olympic Games are held in Tokyo, drone deliveries, driverless taxis, and home robots will be the norm in one part of Japan. Visitors will see a beeline of drones in the sky more »

Super Nintendo Land to Open in Osaka in Time for the 2020 Olympic Games

13 Dec, 2016 – More often than not, hosting the Olympics ends up costing the host nation far more money than it brings in. That might not be the case when the Summer Olympics come to Tokyo in 2020 — not more »

Investing in Japan Real Estate – Part 6 – Spotting Underrated Hot Spots

05 Dec, 2016 – As promised, we’ll now delve deeper into the actual purchase criteria, as far as locations in Japan are concerned, and try to pinpoint a diverse, hedged, profitable strategy, including reasonable risk mitigation. GUIDELINES AND CAVEATS Firstly, more »

Nagoya: Convenient Alternative for Business Travelers without Congestion

22 Nov, 2016 – For those looking to avoid the general congestion of the Tokyo area, representatives from Japan’s Aichi Prefecture (Booth 4463) at NBAA 2016 this week discussed its convenient location within the country, and its suitability for Japan-bound more »

Highly Skilled Foreigners to be Granted Quick Green Cards in Japan

21 Nov, 2016 – The requirement time for highly skilled foreign professionals to apply for permanent residency may be shortened under a move being considered by the government to help lure more global talent to Japan. The current evaluation system, more »

Japanese Yen the Safest Bet in Asia Post U.S. Election, Experts Say

07 Nov, 2016 – No matter who wins the race for the White House, markets are betting on one truly safe investment, and that is the currency of a country with bleak economic prospects – Japan. Markets had long been more »

Japan Tops Environmental Transparency in Asian Real Estate

1 Nov, 2016 – The real estate world has not only been a more transparent place since Jones Lang LaSalle last published its Global Real Estate Transparency Index. It has also become more environmentally sustainable, according to the property advisor’s latest more »

Japan’s Seniors Leverage their Professional Experience into Self-Employment

24 Oct, 2016 – [TOKYO] As Japan’s entrepreneurial spirit fades, the elderly make up a rising share of people going into business for themselves. About a third of new entrepreneurs were 60 or older in 2012, the latest year for more »

Japan Strives to Change its Overworked Employment Culture to Work-Life Balance

12 Oct, 2016 – Think you have it tough at the office? In Japan, employees at nearly one out of every four companies are at risk of dying from overwork. Those are among the findings of the first-ever government report on karoshi — more »

Surprising Number of Vacancies in Tokyo New Condos Ahead of 2020 Olympics

05 Oct, 2016 – In Japan’s housing market, there has always been one verity: Certain parts of Tokyo will always be popular and, therefore, profitable for developers. However, according to various media reports, that verity may have collapsed, at least more »