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Q & A – Japan’s Negative Interest Rates and their Effect on RE Property Investment

15 Sept, 2017 – This Week in his Q&A column on “Asian Property Review” magazine, NTI’s Asia-Pacific Executive Manager, Mr. Ziv Nakajima-Magen explains the impact of negative property rates on the property market and financing. Q : I read that more »

Japan Tops Environmental Transparency in Asian Real Estate

1 Nov, 2016 – The real estate world has not only been a more transparent place since Jones Lang LaSalle last published its Global Real Estate Transparency Index. It has also become more environmentally sustainable, according to the property advisor’s latest more »

Japan’s Seniors Leverage their Professional Experience into Self-Employment

24 Oct, 2016 – [TOKYO] As Japan’s entrepreneurial spirit fades, the elderly make up a rising share of people going into business for themselves. About a third of new entrepreneurs were 60 or older in 2012, the latest year for more »

Japan Strives to Change its Overworked Employment Culture to Work-Life Balance

12 Oct, 2016 – Think you have it tough at the office? In Japan, employees at nearly one out of every four companies are at risk of dying from overwork. Those are among the findings of the first-ever government report on karoshi — more »

Surprising Number of Vacancies in Tokyo New Condos Ahead of 2020 Olympics

05 Oct, 2016 – In Japan’s housing market, there has always been one verity: Certain parts of Tokyo will always be popular and, therefore, profitable for developers. However, according to various media reports, that verity may have collapsed, at least more »

Q&A – Tax Matters and Japanese Properties

29 Sept, 2016 – This Week in his Q&A column on “Asian Property Review” magazine, NTI’s Asia-Pacific Executive Manager, Mr. Ziv Nakajima-Magen explains taxes affecting  foreign investors purchasing Japan properties. Q: Can you explain to me what are the taxes more »

Rapidly Aging Japan Could Spike Demand for Investment in Senior Living Real Estate

27 Sep, 2016 – A significant demographic shift in Asia has resulted in the emergence of senior living real estate as a significant potential investment opportunity in economies such as Japan, China and Korea, according to AMP Capital. A new more »

Japan’s Bullet Train Lines and Tourists Prompt Land Price Hikes

21 Sept, 2016 – Government data released Tuesday showed a stark contrast in the effects that new shinkansen routes have had on land prices in areas along the lines. So-called standard land prices as of July 1, used as a more »

Japanese Properties a Bargain for Chinese Buyers

12 Sept, 2016 – China today has more billionaires than any other country, yet these plutocrats are not the ones leading their nation’s charge into Japanese real estate markets. Investment-driven individuals and families who are not nearly so rich account more »

Residential Land Prices Increasing in the ‘Ski Slopes and Hot Springs’ Town of Niseko

31 Aug, 2016 – Japan’s shrinking population has weighed on the world’s third-biggest economy, alarmed government forecasters and turned some rural communities into veritable ghost towns. Not so in Niseko, a ski resort community on the nation’s mountainous, northern island more »

How to Purchase and Manage an Investment Property in Japan

23 Aug, 2016 – By P. Donnelly – Manager, Sales & Marketing @ Nippon Tradings International Real estate investments in Japan continue to attract foreign buyers from around the world for high yield, affordable prices and cash flowing rental income. more »

Investing in Japan Real Estate for Foreigners – Part 5 – Portfolio Management

17 Aug, 2016 – Assuming you’ve purchased your first property and, hopefully, plan to expand your portfolio further as the opportunity arises, you’ll need several infrastructure components in place to allow you to successfully and efficiently manage it in Japan. more »

Japan’s Resort Property Market of the Lost Decade Sparks Interest with Ski Enthusiasts

11 Aug, 2016 – As everyone in Japan now knows, there are millions of vacant houses and apartments throughout the country, many of which are on sale for a song. The money and effort needed to renovate these properties, however, more »

Overcrowded Tokyo Aims to Redirect Population to the Regions

03 Aug, 2016 – As Japan’s population shrinks and ages, some rural communities are in danger of extinction. Yet in Tokyo, one mayor has the opposite problem. Packed trains, overcrowded schools and the country’s longest waiting lists for preschool care more »

Japan’s Increased Rental Property Construction Boosts Investor Cash Flow

29 Jul, 2016 – According to the June 11 issue of Nikkan Gendai, the vacancy rate for rental properties in the 23 wards of Tokyo is currently 33.7 percent, while in surrounding prefectures, it’s even higher: 35.5 percent in Kanagawa more »