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Japan’s Beachy Shirahama Poised to Become Next Silicon Valley

11  Aug, 2020  – SHIRAHAMA, Wakayama — A leading resort town in western Japan is attracting more attention as an alternative to working in urban areas as the pandemic has led to the nationwide spread of telecommuting. In recent years, more »

The Uncertain Dollar and the Increased Attraction to Japanese Properties

04 Aug, 2020 – While the Federal Reserve enacts a loose monetary policy, cash does not hold the position of king. Instead investors prefer to park their money anywhere rather than in deposits that provide minimal returns or take a more »

Japan’s Newest Tokaido-Shinkansen Line Bullet Train Designed for Long-Haul Comfort and Safety

29  Jul, 2020  – (CNN) — Japan’s latest record-breaking bullet train doesn’t only run faster and smoother — it’s also able to transport passengers to safety in the event of an earthquake. The N700S — the ‘S’ stands for ‘Supreme’ — entered into service July more »

Mobility Devices to Replace Push Wheelchairs at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport

13 Jul, 2020 – TOKYO (Reuters) – Personal mobility devices to transport passengers with limited mobility are rolling at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, in an automation play for labour shortage-hit Japan that has taken on new urgency as the coronavirus outbreak more »

What to Do if I Can’t Find a Tenant?

06 Jul, 2020 – The Income Stream Paradigm Investment properties are, generally, only as good as the rental income they generate. Sure, there are speculative markets and strategies out there – buying cheap for later resale at a profit, land more »

Japan’s Millions of Unwanted Properties Could be Renovated into Profitable Apartments

06 July, 2020 – TOKYO – Thanks in part to its aging population and the general preference for new houses, Japan has literally millions of empty, old properties. Ten million of the 60.6 million homes in Japan are considered to more »

High Number of Tokyo Residents Keen on Moving to Regional Areas

22 Jun, 2020 – Around half of residents of Tokyo and its neighboring prefectures expressed interest in moving out of the capital, according to a recent survey. A Cabinet Office survey has found that around half of Tokyo area residents more »

Japan Provides Vacation Incentives through Discounts at Shops and Restaurants

09 Jun, 2020 – TOKYO – The Japanese government is looking to revive the tourism industry, a key driver of the economy that has been battered by the novel coronavirus pandemic, by paying for people to go on vacation in more »

Japan’s Shared Offices a Growing Cost-Saving Trend as Businesses Adapt to Teleworking

05 Jun, 2020 – Tokyo-based Overflow Inc.’s commercial lease was set to expire in July and founder Yuto Suzuki had made plans to move to a larger property. But as cases of the new coronavirus began to rise in March, more »

Why Japan? The Yen Keeps its Value During Global Uncertainties

01 Jun, 2020 – The Japanese yen is among the world’s most traded currencies, and it accounts for 5.7% of global foreign exchange reserves. As the third largest share after the dollar and the euro, it’s garnered a reputation as more »

Deal Analysis – Takamatsu City, Kagawa

28 May, 2020 – In developing a Japanese real estate portfolio, we recommend starting with safer tier 1 and 2 investments – those with more moderate income, younger builds — which tend to be more profitable and stable over time. more »

Olympics Officials Anticipate Tokyo Games “Greatest Ever”

27 May, 2020 – SYDNEY (Reuters) – Senior international Olympics official John Coates said on Saturday the delayed Tokyo Olympics could end up being the greatest Games ever, coming next year as the world emerges from COVID-19 crisis. Coates, Australia’s more »

My Tenant Died in My Property!!!

22 May, 2020 – When Tenants Become Sick or Die While Japanese tenants, from a landlord perspective, are normally extremely docile and headache free, and while tenancies are generally long and stable as a rule – there is one issue more »

Beware of Old Condos!!! (But not for the Reason you Think)

22 May, 2020 – The Attraction Individual condominium units in co-owned buildings are the most popular asset class in Japan’s real-estate property investment market – particularly for smaller private investors – for the following reasons – 1.     Affordability Condo units, which more »

Coronavirus Causes Modernized Shift in Work Culture in Japan

18 May, 2020 – For a nation that prides itself on technological innovation, Japanese companies have for too long relied on outdated technology such as the fax machine. But that is finally changing. Julian Ryall reports. The coronavirus pandemic is more »