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Enticing Returns on Japanese Properties Catch the Attention of Overseas Investment Firms

19 August, 2019 – TOKYO — Overseas investment firms are diving into the Japanese real estate market, with major British and American funds joining the fray as ultralow borrowing costs offer enticing returns. U.K. asset manager Aberdeen Standard Investments is more »

Resort Condos the Ideal Property Choice for Personal and/or Investment

14 Aug, 2019 – As everyone in Japan now knows, there are millions of vacant houses and apartments throughout the country, many of which are on sale for a song. The money and effort needed to renovate these properties, however, more »

NTT Converts Old Assets, Starts Property Business

11 Jul, 2019 – Japan’s biggest telecommunications provider, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) will tap into its idle real estate assets nationwide in an effort to break its dependence on its mobile phone unit, NTT Docomo, which generates 60% of its profit. more »

Blackstone Enter Japan Logistics Arena

17 Jul, 2019 – U.S. investment firm Blackstone Group will spend over 100 billion yen ($926 million) to buy distribution centers in Japan, seeing room for growth in the country’s relatively small e-commerce market, Nikkei has learned. Blackstone is expected to buy five more »

Cashed-Up Investors Unfazed by Anti-AirBnb Laws

7 Jul, 2019 – Frankie Leung Kai-ha has bought three properties in Japan over the past three years. The latest one, bought just last month, is a four-storey building that he plans to renovate into an Airbnb private lodging. The more »

Japan’s Solar Energy Market

02 Jul, 2019 – The “Boom” The years following the disastrous 2011 tsunami, and subsequent nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daichi power plant, marked the start of a golden age for Japan’s renewable energy sector. Out of the variety of other more »

Japan’s Tallest Skyscraper in Shibuya Major Attraction to View World’s Busiest Crosswalk

01 July, 2019 – Often referred to as the world’s busiest crosswalk, thousands of pedestrians scramble across Tokyo‘s Shibuya Crossing daily. At peak times, the hypnotic pace of the changing traffic light seems to signal the masses into a mesmerizing, more »

Quality Affordable Homes for Rural Japan

25 Jun, 2019 – More than 8 million homes lie abandoned across Japan, a symptom of the declining population and people’s migration to major cities. For one company, this isn’t just an ominous demographic signal, it is also a business more »

Hong Kong Investors Eye Japan’s High Yield Data Centres

18 Jun, 2019 – HONG KONG — Asian real estate investors are turning to rapidly expanding data centers as alternative investments amid a region-wide property slump. Nearly half of property investors in the Asia-Pacific region are active or plan to be active more »

More Japanese Short-Term Rental Properties Expected Ahead of 2020 Olympics

10 Jun, 2019 – Airbnb Inc. says it’s back in business in Japan, a year after stricter home-sharing regulations forced it to freeze a major portion of its listings in the country. There are 50,000 listings available in the country, more »

Growing Number of Japan’s Old Hotels Converted to “Onsen” Inns

 29 May, 2019 – For Japan’s growing flood of foreign tourists, one of the top internet search terms is “onsen,” the traditional hot springs where travelers have soaked since the days of the samurai. Now some of the world’s oldest more »

You Asked Us — Value and Yield, Ideal Properties, Hassle-Free Purchase and Management

22 May, 2019 – Japan is the world’s second biggest property investment market, very attractive to both foreign and local buyers with high yield properties available in abundance, and attractive properties sold almost as quickly as they are listed. When more »

Osaka Top Investment Pick for Steady Income-Producing Assets

13 May, 2019 – Prime rents within Tokyo’s 23 CBDs pushed to $71.57 per 1,420 sqft per month, a cyclical high for stock of this nature. Optimism continued across Japan’s commercial real estate market in Q1 despite the continued threat more »

Fukuoka Reinvented as a City of Entrepreneurial Prospects

06 May, 2019 – As a cosmopolitan port city that’s a short ferry ride from South Korea’s Busan, Fukuoka has long served as an Asian gateway to Japan. It’s been also one of the leading cities of southern Japan, and more »

Thriving Property Market to Accommodate Tourists for 2020 Olympics and 2019 Rugby World Cup

29 Apr, 2019 – In preparation to host the 2020 Summer Olympics and 2019 Rugby World Cup, Japan is upping its airlift, hotel capacity and beer production. Eleven hotels are slated to open between now and 2021, with a Park more »