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NTI consultants search, identify & choose from a huge, daily updated database of properties available for sale in Japan.

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Our relationships with local agencies mean that, in most cases, you will be privy to prime properties BEFORE they reach Japanese public realty websites, enabling you to make your offer well in advance of the majority of the market – resulting in huge savings, derived from avoiding the rushing, bidding and auctioning that starts once these properties hit the market.


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Browse the list of properties currently on offer, review financial data, and make your offer.


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Familiarize yourselves with Japan investment property profiles – sizes, prices, locations and returns – by browsing our list of recently sold properties.

Don’t see anything you fancy? Feel free to contact our foreign investment consultants and join our mailing list, on info@nippontradings.com, for exclusive, yet-unpublished offers.


Rental Properties

Foreigners in Japan often find it hard to secure rental properties, especially when they’ve just moved to the country, and do not have access to a local support network, guarantors or the language skills required for the task. Budget can also be a hurdle, as many local rental agencies will ask for extremely expensive move-in fees.

Check out our list of foreigner-friendly, immediately available, affordable and conveniently located rental properties, here.

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