Q&A – “What is Your Opinion on Investing in Properties in Smaller Cities?”

23 Oct, 2018 –

Japan Properties

Japan Real Estate

As long as the city’s population is stable with a reasonably diverse economy, certainly worth considering. Take the city of Gifu, for example, smaller but stable. A quiet residential area, much smaller than Fukuoka, close to Nagoya, with more of a peaceful lifestyle, less large city hustle and bustle, therefore a popular choice for families. Residents are primarily employed through the city’s main industries of automotive manufacturing, traditional crafts and exports.

Similar smaller cities to consider are Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Niigata, Hiroshima, Saga, Saitama, Shizuoka and Yamaguchi.

Family-friendly areas with schools and amenities usually means longer tenancies, but can also mean longer vacancies. Generally speaking, to minimize your risk, finding a property close to the city as the main hub is easier to tenant.

Vacant units there are in the building, as well as comparable units in the area are good indicators of how difficult it might be to occupy should the unit become vacant.

(Source – Priti Donnelly, Nippon Tradings International”, Pic – Saitama, Japan / “Philipp Knall“)

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