Japan Offers Income Incentive to Newlyweds to Boost Ultra Low Birth Rates

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21 Sept, 2020 –

Couples who get married from next April can receive up to ¥600,000 to cover their rent and other costs as they start a new life, provided they live in a municipality adopting Japan’s newlywed support program, government sources said Sunday. As the nation’s ultralow birth rate is attributed mainly to the tendency that people marry late or stay unmarried, the government will try to boost the number of marriages in the nation by enhancing the program to provide a larger sum and cover more couples, said the sources at the Cabinet Office.

To be eligible, both husband and wife will have to be under age 40 as of the registered date of marriage and have a combined income of less than ¥5.4 million, up from age 35 and ¥4.8 million under the current conditions for aid of up to ¥300,000. Only 281 municipalities, or 15 percent of all cities, towns and villages in Japan, had adopted the program as of July as they must shoulder half the expenses, but in a bid to increase that number, the central government will bear two-thirds of the costs from fiscal 2021, the sources said.

The program is part of government efforts to address the low birth rate. Married couples tend to have two children, although the average number of children a woman will bear in her lifetime was only 1.36 last year. A record-low 865,000 babies were born in 2019. An economic incentive is deemed effective to encourage people to marry since 29.1 percent of single men age 25 to 34 and 17.8 percent of single women cited a lack of funds as a reason they stayed unmarried in a 2015 survey by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research.
(Source – The Japan Times, Pic – Japan Wedding / “Yu Studio“)

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