Japan Real-Estate Investment Properties

Deal Analysis / Breakdowns

For your convenience, we hereby present some sample deal breakdowns of various property transactions – real deals, facilitated by us, on behalf of clients world-wide.

In these articles, we analyse the pros and cons of each property, run through the numbers and net pre-tax yields at the time of purchase, and explain the thought process and deal analysis which have led to the selection of these particular properties.

Deal Analysis – Takamatsu City, Kagawa

Japan Properties

Japan Real Estate

In developing a Japanese real estate portfolio, we recommend starting with safer tier 1 and 2 investments – those with more moderate income, younger builds — which tend to be more profitable and stable over time. We would recommend getting more “adventurous” with higher yielding properties outside of metropolitan areas once a more stable baseline of 60% to 70% of the portfolio is established. One of our clients was ready to step into slightly higher yields with a property in the city of Takamatsu, …[read more]


Deal Analysis Tokyo – Edogawa Hotel Room Unit

Sub-leasing is a popular rental strategy, in which a tenant – usually a company specializing in short term rentals – signs a master lease in front of a property owner and landlord, for a fixed monthly amount, and then make it their business to sub-lease the property to others – normally short term tenants, or tenants who cannot otherwise lease a property for various reasons such as being on short-term visas, having no guarantors or other securities, etc. This more “institutionalized” form of sub-leasing does exist, particularly in Japan’s larger metropolitan centres – in these cases, the main advantages for the landlord are two-fold –…[read more]


japan real estate property beach holiday condoBeach-Side Holiday Home, Itoshima

In recent years, the area has been booming with holiday makers and second-home buyers, who have built and renovated some truly majestic properties, well into the millions of dollars per home – but there are still plenty of older homes, condominiums and land parcels for purchase at ridiculously lower prices, all throughout this area…[read more]


Kyoto investment real estate property studio apartmentSuper-central studio, Kyoto

Location is super-central, within 9 minutes walking distance to the city’s main train, subway and bullet train transportation hub – Kyoto station. Building is located on the banks of Kamogawa, the city’s main river, which crosses it from North to South. One of the best spots in the city…[read more]


Single family home, SapporoSapporo House Single Family Home SFH Exterior Layout Floorplan

Single mother + 3 kids in residence for the past 7 years – no late/missing payments or other issues to date, paying approximately 360 USD per month, for an annual net pre-tax yield of about 10.6%. A family tenant who, with any luck, may stay in the property for life, or at least for a good few decades. The house appears to be in good shape, at least as far as any visible items are concerned. The exterior and roof have been well maintained, and do not require any maintenance in the foreseeable future…[read more]


fukuoka city commercial investment real estate propertyCommercial office property, Fukuoka

In this particular location, prices have more than doubled in the course of the last five years – growth potential, while only secondary criteria, is also quite likely – and more than compensates for the older build.

The tenant, in place for more than two years upon purchase, seems to be well established and profitable – with a rent insurance policy and cleaning/restoration fee most likely covering any substantial potential vacancy expenses…[read more]


Japan Investment Real EstateStudio unit, Kawasaki

Kawasaki city, aside from its immediate proximity to central Tokyo – 15-20 minutes by train – is also one of Japan’s fastest growing cities (over 20,000 people move to Kawasaki annually, which, considering its current population of just under 1.5 million, means approximately 1.5% growth per annum)…[read more]


Japan Real EstateSuburban studio unit, Fukuoka

Building constructed in 1990 – up to the latest earthquake resistance standards, introduced in 1981. Has security cameras and monitors (more attractive to single females). Reserve funds pool accounts for approximately 14% of the purchase price…[read more]



Japan Investment PropertySuper-central 1-bedroom unit, Fukuoka

In this particular case, the property is located in close proximity to Ohori Park, the city’s central green lung and recreation area – one of the best spots in town. It is also only a two minute walk to the nearest subway station, which makes it even more attractive to tenants….[read more]





If you’ve got a deal on your radar, and would like to analyse it on your own, please feel free to download our basic deal analysis spreadsheet template – bear in mind, this spreadsheet assumes the following –

  1. Condo unit in co-owned block (if you own the entire structure, there are no monthly building fees, but insurance will be more costly – also, it is advisable to set 10-15% of the income aside for structural maintenance/renovations/repairs).
  2. Relatively cheap property (pricier properties carry a lower percentage of purchase costs)
  3. No proxy/portfolio manager involvement (the buyer is in direct contact with the realtors/property managers/building management companies/tax authorities etc – and also has a local Japanese address/phone number/bank account)