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Our principals and staff – all active and experienced property investors – make it their top mission priority to always stay on top of their market, in order to best serve our clients’ interests and maximize their portfolio efficiency at any given time and economic climate.

As a result, they are constantly collating, reading and producing some of the world’s best advice, commentary and inside information regarding Japan’s economy, its’ business environment and, above all, its’ property market. This page is where they share some of their insights, as well as those of other industry leaders and experts, in exclusive and fascinating in-depth articles, interviews and  videos – enjoy!

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Japan Attempts to Establish Global Standards to Co-exist with Robots

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Most of us are familiar with robotics in manufacturing related to industrial safety and performance. These robotics have been, for the most part, tucked away in factory lines and other industrial settings. But now, since the coronavirus, things have been changing. Real-time statistics website, “Worldometer,” states, “894,024 deaths as of September 7, 2020 worldwide.” The coronavirus outbreak put the spotlight on the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the global human workforce, the risk to frontline workers, and the need for automation to reduce contact between humans to prevent the spread of the virus…..[read more]

What are Investors Looking for?

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An excerpt from our “Japan Real Estate Podcast”, in which we interview NTI’s sales & marketing manager Priti Donnelly. The original episode can be streamed/downloaded for iphone/ipad/Mac listeners, or here for all other devices).…..[read more]

My Tenant Died in My Property!!!

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Japan Real Estate

While Japanese tenants, from a landlord perspective, are normally extremely docile and headache free, and while tenancies are generally long and stable as a rule – there is one issue that, while not unique only to Japan, is more common here due to the country’s status as the world’s fastest ageing society – as landlords in Japan, our tenants are often elderly – which means that the likelihood of them becoming severely ill or passing away during their tenancy is higher than in most other countries….[read more]

Beware of Old Condos!! (But Not for the Reason you Think)

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Condo units, which come with a smaller land footprint (the building’s entire land footprint is distributed between the owners, proportionate to their units’ floorplan sizes), are usually the cheapest way to enter the market, and provide immediate turnkey profitability potential. The only cheaper asset type out there is rural land, with or without old, mostly abandoned houses built on it – but these types of properties rarely turn any profit upon purchase, and would require significant renovation and/or marketing work before they can be tenanted and start generating income – if at all. …….[read more]


COVID-19 and the Japan Property Market – A Safe Place to Ride Out the Storm

Japan Real Estate

Japan Properties

As stock markets display volatility, investors turn to safe havens where assets generally outperform during periods of uncertainty. The Japanese yen is one such market, a place to ride out the storm – and Japan’s property market, while experiencing some growth in recent years, mainly in larger metropolitan centers, is by and large not considered to be a speculative, capital growth-oriented arena. It’s main attractive factors for investors – at least since the mid-1990s – have been (increasingly so) affordability, high and stable rental yield percentages, and a well-documented, hassle-free management and business environment, which offers full legal recourse and clearly documented specifics at all stages of the investment life cycle…….[read more]


Japan’s Real Estate Property Market: 2019-2020 Annual Report & Projections

Japan Investment Properties

Japan Ski Properties

While 2018 was a year of investing outside of one’s backyard, 2019 became the year of finding an investment destination to venture to. Considering the fact that of all the countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Japan is the only one with zero restrictions on foreign property ownership – barring a handful of historically protected locations and structures – the country remains the region’s largest real-estate property investment market, and its fully documented, legal-recourse entrenched business climate continues to make it the prime choice for non-speculative, high-yield-rental-income-oriented investors worldwide. ……[read more]



Top 5 Due Diligence Tips to Mitigate Risk on Japanese Properties

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Japan Investment Properties

Accidents, damages and natural disasters can happen when investing in real estate anywhere in the world. In Japan, most tenants are quite docile and place high value on their integrity by nature. Therefore, the majority of damages to a unit, if any would be through wear and tear rather than accidental or intentional. In case of any internal damage, tenants would be required to pay for damages they are responsible for, while the owner covers the rest. Insurance is at a surprisingly low cost of only USD $1 to $3 per month depending on age, location and size of the property……[read more]


Q. How Do I Declare My Japanese Properties on my Taxes?

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Japan Real Estate

It’s tax time in various parts of the world. Some of our clients have been asking how to declare taxes — Japan or their home country — and what is the process. Most western countries have a tax treaty with Japan. To prevent double taxation, you should confirm the existence of such a treaty between Japan and your country of residence prior to deciding whether a Japanese investment property portfolio would be profitable for you…..[read more]


Climate Change Japan – Forecasted Effects, Readiness, Preparations

Japan Properties

Japan Investment Properties

As we know all too well – even if those among us with vested interests to the contrary will not readily admit it – the effects of climate change and, more specifically, global warming, are going to drastically change almost everything about the world we live in – and even more so the world our children and grandchildren will be living in – and in the vast majority of cases, this change will likely be for the worse….[read more]

Property Investment for Foreigners – How to Screen Tenants

Japan Properties

How to Screen Tenants

Q: I understand there is no credit check system in Japan, so how do I check out a potential tenant for my downtown Tokyo apartment? Are there credit guarantee companies and if so, how reliable are they?……[read more]


Interview with Japanese Asset Manager

Japan Investment Properties

Japan Property Market

Click for the transcript of an interview we conducted on our PodCast (for both iPhone/iPad users) with Mr Akira Katsuno of “La Nation” – a Japanese residential/commercial and parking lot asset manager. (Click to listen to the original episode and for transcript)…….[read more]

How Much??? – Japan Real Estate Property Investment Taxes

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Japan Real Estate

Income tax thresholds in Japan are the same for individual residents and non-residents alike. Non-residents, or residents who have lived in Japan for a period of less than five years, are not required to report their income in other countries to Japanese tax authorities. The Japanese financial year end on 31 December, and tax statements and payments are to be concluded by 31 March the next year………[read more]

Should I Incorporate in Japan for Investing in Real Estate?

Should you register your Japanese investment property under your own name, or under a corporate structure? What are the advantages or disadvantages of both options?

Japan Properties

Japan Real Estate

How about tax implications? Accessibility to financing?

Below is the transcript of an interview we conducted on our PodCast (iPhone/iPad users click here) with Mr Sadaysu Ito of “Sadywell Accounting” – a corporate accounting firm from Tokyo, Japan, who answers all of these questions, and more……..[read more]

Is Tokyo Real Estate Crazy Expensive?

Let’s talk Tokyo, and more specifically the Tokyo affordability paradox, which is this – how is it possible that Tokyo is simultaneously known as one of the world’s most expensive cities, while

Japan Real Estate

Japan Investment Property

at the same time being constantly ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities?

Which is it? Crazy expensive, or comfortably affordable? Well, both, really – and there are a few reasons for this…….[read more]


Japan’s Solar Energy Market

Japan Investment Properties

The years following the disastrous 2011 tsunami, and subsequent nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daichi power plant, marked the start of a golden age for Japan’s renewable energy sector. Out of the variety of other renewable energy sources available, namely Bio-mass, Geo-thermal and Wind – solar PV panel installations have by far been the most popular and wide-spread technology, growing in leaps and bounds between 2012-2017, from 6,632 Mega-Watt capacity to just under 43,000 (almost 6.5 times over this five-year period alone) – third globally, behind Germany and China, the world leaders in solar energy production……[read more]

How to Profit from Japan’s Equity Market? Interview with Natalie Adams

Japan Real Estate

Japan Investment Properties

Wondering what are the current trends in Japan’s stock and equity market? What’s “In”, what’s “Out” and how global investors are positioning themselves in this arena?

Below is a transcript from an interview we’ve conducted on our PodCast a few months back, with Natalie Adams, a former Japanese equity research professional and current host of the popular PodCast “JEMChat”…[read more]

What Do Japanese Tenants Want?

Understanding Japanese Real Estate

Stable and reliable rental income, increased if possible, or at least maintained as consistently as possible, over the course of an investment property’s life-cycle, is the main factor which makes or breaks a portfolio – at least for the less speculative among us, who prefer to rely on monthly cash-flow, rather than on capital growth potential – which, as attractive as it may be, is always a bit of a gamble…[read more]

What Does 2019 Hold for Japan Real-Estate Investment?

Japan Real Estate

Japan Properties

With 2019 now fully in swing, and with most major global companies having already published their end of year summaries, it is time for us to once more review last year’s trends, statistics and major developments in Japan’s property market, and look to industry experts in an attempt to see what they believe the coming year holds for the market. ….. [read more]


You Asked Us – What are the Top 4 Significant Differences Between the Sapporo and Fukuoka Real Estate Markets

Invest in Japan Real Estate

Invest in Japan Properties

1.     Of the two markets, Sapporo provides higher rental yields. This is because property prices haven’t gone up there as significantly as they have in Fukuoka. Fukuoka prices on the other hand, have risen as fast as Tokyo between 2012-2016….. [read more]


Q&A – “What is Your Opinion on Investing in Properties in Smaller Cities?”

Japan Properties

Japan Real Estate

As long as the city’s population is stable with a reasonably diverse economy, certainly worth considering. Take the city of Gifu, for example, smaller but stable. A quiet residential area, much smaller than Fukuoka, close to Nagoya, with more of a peaceful lifestyle, less large city hustle and bustle, therefore a popular choice for families. Residents are primarily employed through the city’s main industries of automotive manufacturing, traditional crafts and exports. Similar smaller cities to consider are Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Niigata, Hiroshima, Saga, Saitama…. [read more]


Is Co-Working & Co-Living Japan’s “Next Big Thing”?

Japan Properties

While share-houses have existed in Japan for many years, and have been quite popular particularly since the 1990’s, their character is changing fast. While in the past these residences were known as “Gaijin houses” (foreigner houses), and hosted mostly foreigners who were short on cash and had no access to guarantors, who are required for most normal property rentals – these days more than half of the residents are actually Japanese. And while, in the past, the only Japanese who lived in these homes were those who wanted to study English or otherwise associate with foreigners, there are now all types of homes which fall under the “share house” category …. [read more]

Japan’s New Home-Sharing Rules

Japanese Cash Flow Properties

Japanese Rental Properties

In June, there was a seismic change in the short-term rental scene in Japan. Airbnb froze about 80% of Japanese home listings comprising an estimated 62,000 homes, apartments, and rooms leaving about 13,800 on the site. The move was made to ensure listings comply with the new ‘minpaku’ home share law that took into effect on June 15. Priti Donnelly throws more light on the impact of the new rules…. [read more]

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Q. Should I Base my Purchases on only Highest Yield?

Japan Real Estate

A. Placing your bets on high yield alone can prove to be risky when trying to replace a tenant in an area with low population growth. Therefore, in addition to yield, taking into consideration population growth and even governance can minimize investment risks for a steady rental income stream… [read more]

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Owning a Japanese Ski Holiday Property

Japan Investment Properties

Japan Real Estate

Japan is internationally renown for having some of the world’s best winter sports’ hotspots – according to “Snow Japan”, one of the leading English language Japanese winter sports web portals, there are currently about 500 places to ski and snowboard in Japan, ranging from huge mega-resorts to tiny local ski hills. Additional factors, like Japan’s extra dry powder snow (often considered the driest in the world), and over 25 years of deflation, which have brought prices down significantly as far as overseas visitors are concerned..[read more]

Understanding Japan’s Counter-Intuitive Real Estate Market

Investment Properties Japan

Real Estate Investment Japan

A: The Japanese property market suffered at least 25 years of declining/flat-lining prices. Although capital growth made a quiet entrance from 2012 to 2016, it was too soon to for investors to comfortably speculate growth. Instead, investors found a new opportunity. Because of the decline, properties became quite affordable while rental rates remained stable. The result, steady and higher yields across Japan— the ideal cash flow market from high yield rental income. …[read more]

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You Asked Us – How easy or difficult is it for foreigners to enter the retail scene in Tokyo, in terms of buying units at shopping malls or other commercial lots? Is there a glut of retail space in Tokyo? If so, are there any bright spots eg. niche or high-end or themed malls? 

Japan Investment Shops

Investment Shops in Japan

A: While there is nothing that limits non-resident foreigners from buying any property in Japan (aside from very specific, cultural heritage or agricultural properties) – there’s a big difference between commercial units in otherwise residential of mixed purpose apartment blocks (street shops) – as opposed to wholly commercial buildings or shopping centers (malls and department stores)…[read more]

How to Profit from Japan’s Retail Market

Japan Investment Property

Japan Retail

According to JETRO (Japan’s governmental external trade agency), Japan boasts the world’s second largest retail market, with a sales value exceeding US $1,3 billion (150 trillion yen).

Being a mature, quality and luxury oriented consumer market, the country has been a natural destination for any and all global brands seeking to establish their presence in Asia for many years, with spectacular results. 35% of Asian tourists from countries such as China, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and South Korea, who are traveling to Japan, cite their main reason for visiting as “shopping”. Local Japanese shoppers are also a force to be reckoned with – often labelled as “obsessed with consumerism culture”, for better and worse…[read more]

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Factors to Consider when Renting out in Japan

Japanese Cash Flow Properties

Japanese Rental Properties

In the March – April issue of, “Asian Property Review” magazine, NTI’s Marketing Manager, Priti Donnelly shares tips to keep in mind when renting out your Japanese property.

Unlike other parts of the world where real estate investments focus on value, Japanese properties are a non-speculative investment mainly for monthly cash flow. That’s not to say there is no capital growth potential. After two decades of inflation, signs of economic progress have been quite promising, trickling down to the real estate market….[read more]

Podcast: Abandoned Homes & the Extinction Myth

Japan Investment Property

Japan Real Estate

There are discussions about Japan becoming extinct due to declining birth rates. There is also talk that a number of properties have been abandoned in rural areas due to non-occupation as the aged pass away and the young move to Tokyo. Is the government doing something about it before it affects property prices…[read more]

You Asked Us – What Licenses, Permits, Business Visas and Taxes are Required for Non-Resident Landlords?

Japan Investment Property

Japan Real Estate

As long as a tenancy lease is made out for a period of one month or longer, there is no legislation, visas or any other complications you need to be concerned about as an owner.  There is no certification or agreement for either foreign or local landlords. Complications and hassles only arise if the lease is what’s called “minpaku”, which is defined by law as short-term leases of less than one month. For that matter, even if the tenant decides to move out mid-lease, and has stayed in the property for a shorter period of time, you would be well within your legal rights, since you made out a lease for a minimum term of one month…[read more]

Q: Are there SOHO (Small Office Home Office) or its variants, SOFO and SOVO available in Japan?


Home Business

If I want to rent out my apartment investment, would it better to buy a serviced apartment or even better, one that is managed by a reputable hotel management company? Are these properties subject to commercial rates in terms of utilities, taxes, etc?

A: As shown in our recently published deal analysis, there are plenty of apartments in Japan that are designated multi-purpose – meaning, they can be leased as a residential property, business, or any variation of the two. However, the distinction lies in local municipality area ordinances and building management restrictions… [read more]

You Asked Us – Does Age Really Matter?

Japan Real Estate

Japan Investment Property

Location, location, location is what we hear about most when it comes to real estate. But what about age? A major change to Japan’s Building Standards Act for earthquake resistant construction methods occurred in 1981. While 1981 may be the pivotal point for some real estate investors when purchasing an apartment unit in a co-owned building, it may surprise you to know that what is more important than the building’s age is actually the building’s management… [read more]


You Asked Us – Can I Re-Sell my Investment Property?

Japan Real Estate

Japan Properties

Because the Japanese property market is very active, globally second only to the USA, selling your property is a viable exit strategy. Since pricing for investment properties is generally dictated by rental yield than market trends, you can expect to sell your property for the same price or slightly higher. That is, assuming the rental rate hasn’t changed in the area. Land has depreciated over the last two decades, but the last five years have been kinder with central properties in hotspots like Tokyo and Fukuoka practically doubling… [read more]


Japanese Real Estate 2017-2018 Summary, Predictions

Japan Investment Properties

Japan Real Estate

It’s that time of year again – as 2018 kicks into gear, all major real-estate industry players have published their annual 2017 statistics, summaries and, perhaps most importantly, predictions for the coming year. As always, we will attempt to collate this vast amount of data into major takeaway points and actionable items for investors in Japan’s property arena, who are wondering where to place their bets this coming year… [read more]

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You Asked Us – What is the Difference Between “Net pre-tax Yield” and “Gross Yield”?

Japan Real Estate

Japan Properties

Yield is a key factor in real estate investing, expressing rental revenue as a proportion of a property’s purchase price. As prices rise, yield falls. But depending on the types of costs included in the calculation, yield can vary. Here are some differences to watch for… [read more]


You Asked Us…I’m new to Japan’s property market. Where is the best place to invest?

Japan Investment Properties

Japan Real Estate

Across Japan, other than in Tokyo, foreign investors have been turning to investments in high yield, cash flowing apartments that are surprisingly affordable. A property market of high supply and equally high demand. From USD$25,000 to $60,000 you can easily find properties with rental yield of 6% to 12% on average net pre-tax, depending on the location. “Net pre-tax” is important because it factors in all known costs. It doesn’t include taxes and unknown costs.With yield this high, it’s not surprising that offers are made on attractive, high-yielding properties almost as soon as they hit the market from local investors. Based in Fukuoka, our Japanese and English speaking team help foreign investors also get their foot in the door… [read more]


RETalkAsia Interview with Priti Donnelly, Sales/Marketing Manager at NTI

Japan Real EstatePriti Donnelly is the sales and marketing manager at Nippon Tradings International, a proxy and buyers’ agency representing foreign investors with purchasing, selling and managing real estate in Japan. She understands the importance of transparency in today’s international market. Through her insight, she focuses on breaking barriers and helping investors feel confident about their property investments… [read more]


Three Misconceptions about Japan’s Properties

Japan Investment PropertiesJapan’s attractive property market draws real estate investors worldwide for its high yield,affordability, rental income cash flow and safe haven economic environment. Japan is also one of the countries most affected by natural disasters. Therefore, foreign investors, new to the market ask, “What is the risk associated with the age of Japan’s real estate?” To answer this question, we explore the common misconceptions of Japanese properties… [read more]

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Japan Real Estate Investment PropertyJapan Property Investment Market: 2016 Summary, 2017 Forecast

As 2016 draws to an end, it is now time to re-visit last year’s forecasts, compare them with current trends and numbers, as published by regional industry leaders, and attempt to hazard a guess as to what the coming year will bring to Japan’s real estate investment arena…. [read more]


Japan Real Estate Property InvestmentJapan Real Estate Investment: Where to Buy?

While big players have pegged the last four years of property price hikes as a reliable trend – it would seem prudent to focus on stable, reliable monthly cash-flow as our prime criteria, and consider any potential capital appreciation to be a bonus, or icing on the portfolio cake, rather than banking on it to any significant degree… [read more]

Japan RE Purchase & Management: Investment Life-cycleJapan Real Estate

Properties in the Japanese real estate market are sold within days, sometimes hours, making it more difficult to compete against local buyers. So, how then do foreign buyers successfully manage to invest in the market?… [read more]


After the Purchase: Portfolio ManagementJapan Property Investment

Assuming you’ve purchased your first property and, hopefully, plan to expand your portfolio further as the opportunity arises, you’ll need several infrastructure components in place to allow you to successfully and efficiently manage it in Japan… [read more]


Japan Real EstateJapan’s Home-Sharing Future & Foreign Investors

In late January, Tokyo’s Ota ward won an exemption from the country’s hotel law and became the first municipality in Japan to tackle the chronic hotel shortage. In the ward, residents could legally rent out space to tourists, a business known as “Minpaku” in Japanese, under certain requirements…. [read more]


International Real EstateQ&A – Selling before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Capital gains tax in Japan is doubled if properties are sold within five years after purchase, so from a pure financial perspective, and taking into account projected sales costs (normally 3-6%, unless you’re lucky enough to have a direct buyer lined up), you need to make sure it’s worth your while… [read more]

Japan Investment PropertyJapan Real Estate Investments: Finalizing the Deal

The time has now come to finalize the deal and start earning your rental income (and, who knows, potentially some capital growth profits as well). Here’s what happens next… [read more]


Japan Investment PropertiesQ&A – Is Japan in Recession?

It could be claimed that Japan has been in consecutive recessions for the vast majority of the last 25 years – since its economic bubble burst in the early 1990’s. And, while it has enjoyed a period of GDP expansion in the last few years, its shrinking population all but dictates that technical recession will hit again and again… [read more]


Japan Investment PropertyNegotiations & Due Diligence: The Japanese Way

since, as mentioned previously, pulling an offer back with no apparent reason will burn your relationship with that particular realtor, it is essential that you do not submit more offers than you can practically proceed with, should due diligence turn out to be satisfactory… [read more]


Japan Overseas PropertyTop 5 Reasons RE Investors Choose Japan

Unlike many countries, there are currently no laws or regulations in Japan prohibiting the purchase of real estate by foreigners. This allows 100% ownership of deeded, freehold property registered to a foreign address and also provides an exemption from some municipal taxes for non-residents… [read more]


Japan Property InvestmentJapan Property Investment – 2015 Summary & 2016 Predictions

Key points from property investment industry leaders such as Price Waterhouse Coopers, CBRE, plus a summary from our own executive directors here at NTI – get up to date 2015 and 2016 info from the experts… [read more]

Japan Investment PropertyDeal Analysis – Fukuoka Studio Unit

The 42-unit building listed here was built in 1987 – after the latest earthquake resistant building standards were updated (1981), and is well-maintained, as the extremely low vacancy rate (under 5%) indicates. In December 2006, the exterior walls were restrengthened and repaired. The roof was re-water-proofed. In October 2013, a new intercom system was installed… [read more]



Foreign Interest in Japan RE at Record LevelsNippon Tradings International - Priti Donnely - Sales and Marketing Manager

Priti Donnelly, our Sales & Marketing Manager, reviews the current red-hot status of foreign investment and general interest in Japanese real-estate investment property, as evident in some staggering numbers, statistics and repeated mentions in major international media channels. [read more]



Japan Investment PropertiesQ&A – Protection from Natural Disasters

Japan was the hottest property market in Asia last year and in all likelihood this year. From the standpoint of the nation being susceptible to natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes – area all buildings in Japan earthquake-resistant and are all buildings covered by natural disaster insurance? [read more]


Japan Investment PropertiesJapanese Property Investment: The Art of Relationship Building

The first step of your market research, and the most important building block of your future investment portfolio in the land of the rising sun, begins with what the Japanese value above all else – relationship building. There is a huge gap between locating these coveted deals, and actually getting someone to sell them to you. [read more]

Investing in Japanese Real-Estate for Foreigners: Part 1

Japan - reliable, regulated, but culturally isolated.Japan offers some of the developed world’s most spectacular and reliable rental cash-flow, in a safe, regulated and fully documented business environment. The caveat, however, is that it is also highly ethnocentric, culturally isolated and foreigner shy. In this article we begin to chart the best practices, approach and preparation required for would-be foreign investors in Asia-Pacific’s biggest RE property investment market. [read more]

Q&A – Japan’s Debt & Demographic Issues

Japan Properties

Japan is home to the world’s fastest ageing population, as well as holder of the world’s largest domestic debt to GDP ratio. Our Asia-Pacific manager, Mr Ziv Nakajima-Magen, tackles these issues and explains why the country remains an immensely popular investment destination in this information-packed Q&A session. [read more]



The Sun Rises – AgainJapan Investment Properties

Japan’s property investment market, which is Asia-Pacific’s biggest and most active, is currently enjoying unprecedented international attention. In this introductory article we explore the reasons behind this global phenomenon, the advantages, dis-advantages, unique features and challenges that this exciting market offers for foreign investors. [read more]



Japan – The Giant Awakens

Japan PropertiesOur Asia-Pacific executive manager, Mr Ziv Nakajima-Magen, provides an in-depth analysis and commentary on a series of articles by leading US/Japan economist and analyst Marc Weirsum, who believes Japan’s business conditions are the best they’ve been in over a decade. A fascinating study of market sentiment, macro and micro economic factors, and the apparent effects of prime minister Shinzo Abe’s unprecedented “Three Arrows” policy, also dubbed “Abenomics”. [read more]



From Investment Banking to Impact Investing

Japan PropertyThis exclusive interview with Mr Roland Thompson, Credit Suisse’s retiring director of North Asia, provides great insight into a senior investment banker’s view of global economy, Asian and Japanese markets in the post GFC era – as well as a peek into a unique individual’s personal and riveting life journey, spanning several continents, hugely differing cultures, and a paradigm shift that may surprise you. [read more]



Japan Real Estate - Video WebinarVideo Webinar – Investing out of Tokyo

Adam German, of “Real Estate Japan” interviews our Asia-Pacific manager, Ziv Nakajima-Magen, on investment strategies, financial data and the results achievable in some of the country’s less known metropolitan centres. Whether you’re a first time investor considering entering Japan’s exciting property market for the very first time, or a seasoned veteran wondering where the “next big thing” is and why – you’re bound to find this hour-long webinar/interview jam packed full of invaluable data for your own portfolio. [watch video]



Japan PropertyJapan Consumes, Produces, Profits – and “Feels” Better

A collation of and commentary on major 2013 news headlines, statistics and figures illustrating the impressive first results of prime minister Shinzo Abe’s “Three Arrows” policy, aimed at re-igniting Japan’s economic growth – a policy which has now shown spectacular results – it all started here! [read more]