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Owning property in your country of residence may not be very attractive, for many reasons, some temporary and some more permanent – prices could be too high, taxes too steep, returns too low, or tenants too problematic, to name only a few.

Or maybe you just want to capitalize on a particular country and economy that may be offering great deals at the moment – while the global financial crisis has caused great strife all around the world – it also provided great opportunities for savvy property investors, who were quick to pounce, and nabbed some great deals in the process.

Global Real Estate

The good news is, that with today’s technology and the ever-growing trend of globalization, the dream of owning investment property overseas is more than possible – in fact, it’s no longer a dream for many of us.

However, the global real estate market, while offering great opportunity, also comes with its own unique pitfalls and complications – to successfully invest in a foreign land, you should first familiarize yourself with the unique skills, strategies and mindsets that are required in this exciting field of investment.

Global Real EstateThe articles below (in PDF format) will guide you, step by step, through the basics, intermediate and professional levels of international property investment – take your time reading, digesting and applying the lessons contained herein, and you’ll be well on your way to owning, managing and profiting on a diverse, hedged and high-earning investment portfolio – anywhere in the world.

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International Property Investing Basics – Part 1

Global Real EstateChoosing Your Target Market

“…How does one capitalize on global profitability trends, the ups and downs of world economy and real-estate market cycles, or the capricious policies of local governments and industry leaders, without falling victim to same? The answer is found in two complementing characteristic aspects and sets of skills…” [read more]




International Property Investing Basics – Part 2

Global Real EstateLegal & Financial Representation

“…You’ll almost always need help with one or more areas of property investing, whether it’s drafting a sales contract or tenancy lease, changing over electric wires, stripping a bathroom, or simply advertising for and qualifying potential tenants. In short, you need a professional team in place. Building the right team is absolutely essential. This skill becomes even more crucial when investing remotely. It increases exponentially in significance the further afield you intend to stray…” [read more]



International Property Investing Basics – Part 3

Global Real EstateStrategy & Team

“…Stay fully aware of the fact that, perhaps as opposed to your experience and tendencies, you can no longer micro-manage or be physically involved, “hands-on”, in any of the work. You will now have to rely on professionals to act as your hands, legs, ears and eyes on the ground. So if you like to flip houses, short-sale, have a nose for the best potential in properties on the market, as well as the know-how required to manifest that potential, renovate, tenant (or not) and sell or keep, at a tidy profit – by all means, keep on doing it – only you’ll now need to find the right people to do it for you…” [read more]


International Property Investing Basics – Part 4

Global Real EstateForex Rates – The ‘Secret Ingredient’ of Overseas Property Deals

“…When you invest only in your own home country, where your income rises and falls with local inflation and market swings only, as do your expenses, you lead a relatively sheltered investment life. You’ll have to get creative to make big leaps and bounds, granted. But even if you don’t, following the same, sound investment strategy will yield the same, sound, expected results. Nothing too exciting, but no big surprises either. Kinda like your corner burger place or Chinese restaurant – you know exactly what to expect, within reason. You probably won’t be blown off your feet, but you won’t be fed dog food either…”

[read more]

International Property Investing Basics – Japan as a Case Study (1)

Global Real EstateWhy Japan?

“…Affordability means versatility. Japan, as opposed to Australia, New-Zealand, and DEFINITELY as opposed to Singapore, which is one of the world’s most expensive and luxurious property markets, seemed to offer tenanted or easily tenanted properties for as low as $20,000 apiece. Compared with the minimum $150,000 (at a serious stretch) that any of the other countries had on offer, I was looking at 7-8 units, as opposed to a single property anywhere else…” [read more]

International Property Investing Basics – Japan as a Case Study (2)

Global Real EstateLegal & Financial Aspects

“…While in Japan the realtor’s office will often “supply” their own in-house or third-party scrivener, who is often heavily discounted as part of the “purchase package” by said party, these older, more traditional scriveners have often never dealt with foreigners in their lives. And, they rarely speak a word of English, particularly in the more attractive areas of the country, where the English-speaking investor has yet to venture. In these cases, differences in legal terms, documents required and often simple fear of the foreign, can postpone and delay settlement and, as a result, the commencement of yield….” [read more]


“My First Overseas Deal”

Global Real EstateA Personal Global Real-Estate Journey

“…Cold feet. Sweaty palms. Eyes darting round the room, from one face to another – trying to put together broken pieces of sentences – words, syllables even – anything that’ll give me a clue as to where things were headed. What am I doing here, in this room, surrounded by these soft-spoken foreigners in suits & ties, nodding in mock understanding, and preparing to sign away my life’s savings? Am I insane?? How did I end up here???…”

[read more]