142.82 sqm  3 Storey Building with 3 Rooms + Living, Dining and Kitchen and Parking

Kaminouchi, Nagano

Price – approx. USD$92,969

Vacant! Ideal for personal use / seasonal rental

* Located in Nagano, population of approx. 2 million

* Close to Elementary Schools

* An abundance of mountain ranges and scenic beauty of the Japanese Alps. Recognized as a world-class winter sports tourist destination.

* Only 23 Minutes Drive to railway station.

For detailed rental history, building information & negotiation options, email us at info@nippontradings.com, quoting ref 2-LS001

* Costs & returns are specified in USD and are subject to JPY exchange rates on days of transfer

  • Address: 長野県上水内郡信濃町古海2259-35 
  • Price (approx): $92,969 
  • Rooms:
  • Area (in sqm): 142.82 
  • Property Type: Apartment 
  • Build Year: 1996