254.47 sqm 3-Storey Building with 13 Units — All Units Occupied!

Jigyo Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City

Japan Income Stream Real Estate

Japan Income Stream Properties

Price – approx. AUD$1,123,384

Net – app. $6,748/mth (7.33% Net Pre-tax Rental Return p/a)

* Located in Japan’s Fastest Rising Metropolitan Centre, Where Prices Have Gone Up 20% to 30% in the Last Two Year’s Alone

* Separate Bath and Toilet in each Unit – Rare and Popular Feature

* Close to City Hall, Colleges, Universities and Hospital

* Only 7 Minutes Walk to Nearest Train Station!

For detailed rental history, building information & negotiation options, email us at info@nippontradings.com, quoting ref 10-SEJ001

* Costs & returns are specified in AUD and are subject to JPY exchange rates on days of transfer

  • Address: Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture 
  • Net/mth (approx): $6,748 
  • Property Type: Building 
  • Annual Return %: 7.21 
  • Build Year: 1987