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Mostly, they are people just like you – property investors or holiday makers – on the lookout for ideal holiday homes, or the safest, highest paying investment opportunities around the globe. Whether your holdings are composed of a single unit, several houses, or a multi-condo, hedged residential and commercial property portfolio – NTI performs the same, thorough due diligence on every purchase, provides the same friendly, knowledgable personal service and advice, and represents you and your interests at the highest professional standard – in any dealing, large or small.

But don’t take it from us – check out our clients’ testimonials, below –

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Here are just some of the things our clients have been saying about us –

Huey Siah (Business Owner), California, USA“If you are primarily an English speaking individual and are interested about investing in Japanese real estate, I have found no other better resource than NTI. It’s not only because they walk the walk (manage their own portfolio in Japan for a great number of years), but I find them generous with others, often freely giving a lot of valuable information about doing business in Japan if you care to listen and understand the intricacies of it all. Especially in uncertain economic times, NTI provides a good and accessible alternative to investment while patiently and responsively answering any questions you have. Thank you NTI for your partnership and dedication!

Kate & Shawn W (Accountants), Canada“NTI are one of the best real estate companies we have used. Purchasing a Japanese property has been one of our dreams for a long time; however, because of the language barrier and legal complexity, we were not able to do so ourselves. NTI helped us accomplish our dream in months! Chikako and Ziv were amazing; they showed us some properties when we were in Japan, and then sent us some follow-up properties that we might be interested in after our trip. Not only that, they also went above and beyond, and gave us a guided trip around Fukuoka, and we made some really great local connections while we were there! Once we returned home, we just picked the property we like, signed a POA, and NTI took care of everything else for us! In a few months, we received a beautifully organized binder with all the related receipts, contracts, and purchase agreement, and we couldn’t be happier! “

Richard W (English Teacher), Hong-Kong: “The team at NTI have taken care of us and helped us with all aspects of buying a high yielding investment property in Kumamoto. It is not as if we couldn’t have done it ourselves as my wife is Japanese. In fact, for our first Japanese property we did all the work ourselves and ended up with a very good deal that is still paying us well monthly. However, it was a LOT of work so for our second property, we were more than happy to pay NTI their very reasonable fees to source a property we were satisfied with. They then took care of the entire process while keeping us informed every step of the way. We have recommended them to our friends and will be happy to work with them again to purchase our next Japanese property.”

Sonny Rosenthal (University Professor), Singapore: “I had finally found a nice plot of land for a vacation home in Nagano, but none of the local real estate agents could work with me because I don’t speak Japanese. After asking around, someone put me in contact with NTI and I engaged them to facilitate the purchase. They contacted the property listing agent, conducted due diligence, and arranged all the legal and financial processing. Their service was invaluable and fee reasonable, so much I ended up purchasing a second plot of land. For buyers looking in areas where language may be a barrier, going through NTI makes a lot of sense.”

Vanessa Gray (Teacher), Port Macquarie, Australia: “Ziv Nakajima-Magen, NTI’s founding partner & APAC executive manager, is the most patient man I know. I chopped and changed my mind more times than even I can remember regarding location, size, distance from amenities, facilities etc. Most likely NTI’s most frustrating client ever. Researched and responded to hundreds of emails over a 2 – 3 year period as we explored the market and progressively did our own research. Never any pressure.  More interested in developing long term relationships with clients. When I was emotionally committed to a property that wasn’t financially in our best interest long term, he carefully but firmly advised against it – and I am forever thankful.

End result we now have a ski property in Japan. 1 minute walk to the ski lift (on a bad day). Ski home to the door. We can now travel to Japan to skiing for a fraction of the price that we can for NZ or Australia – guaranteed ridiculous amounts of snow.

Always available to assist with renovations, deliveries and all general internal communication. This purchase was a lifestyle choice for our family, however, we look forward to purchasing another property through NTI that is income producing.”

A.Carey & X Wang (IT Professionals), Australia: “We’ve been working with NTI since 2017, and have enjoyed great service throughout the process. All information, including any unexpected delays or expenses, were clearly explained and mitigated whenever possible, responses to our questions have been consistently fast, and emergencies swiftly attended to. We have been enjoying a mostly hands-free, turn-key investment with consistent, lucrative returns, which not many developed countries can offer these days. NTI’s services are highly recommended.”

Engelo Rumora (Real-Estate Property Investor), Ohio, USA : It is an absolute pleasure working with NTI. They are true experts on the Japanese real estate market and welcomed me with me open arms when I visited them. I also don’t know of many companies that are more detail-orientated and focused on the little things like they are.”

Rochelle Dimacje (English Teacher), USA/Japan : “I just purchased my first rental property through NTI and the experience was painless and a lot easier than I expected it to be. For the last three years, I was thinking seriously about getting started in real estate investment, but never felt comfortable doing so. I also didn’t know where to start because I was a beginning investor. After listening to NTI’s podcast and doing my own research, I decided to take the plunge last year. Throughout the process, NTI and the team answered all my questions promptly, instantly clarifying anything that I was unsure of. They also walked me through the steps of buying the property, taking the time to outline what I needed to do and what NTI was doing on their end. They were very honest and told me if there were any problems that came up, but more importantly, they offered solutions and options to deal with the problems. 

I found NTI very trustworthy and professional in all our business dealings. They are very knowledgeable about the market in Japan and provided me with all the facts and figures I needed to make informed decisions. I just felt really assured that they know what they are doing and I am in good hands with this partnership. I encourage everyone interested in real-estate investing in Japan to contact the team at NTI.”

Roman (Software Engineer), Moscow, Russia : “I have been interested in investing in Japan for quite some time, due to the transparent business environment and excellent returns. I was concerned about language and communication issues, because the Japanese are very foreigner-shy, and it seems to be a hard market to penetrate.

Fortunately, I have discovered NTI’s services, and from that point onwards, everything became very smooth and manageable. They provided recommendations, advice, property research and due diligence, and represented me at every step of the way through the purchase, and now through ongoing management. Income is coming in regularly every month, and I’m only contacted if there are any decisions to be made. I didn’t even need to attend the settlement or document signing meetings – it was all done, and is still being done, remotely and electronically.

Great company, providing a great service – I’m looking forward to my next purchase with them soon.”

Naveed Tariq (Asset Manager), Hong-Kong : “As a resident of Hong-Kong, where property prices are insanely high and rental yields notoriously low, I’ve been interested in expanding my investment portfolio to other, more affordable and high yielding markets for quite some time. Having researched many such markets, I’ve come to the conclusion that Japan ticks all of the other boxes I’ve been aiming for as well – fully transparent transactions, hassle-free tenancies and full legal recourse.”

Having performed thorough due diligence on quite a few potential buyer agencies and portfolio managers, I’ve decided to proceed with NTI, mainly due to their reputation, quick and professional communication, and deep understanding of their market – all of which have been made abundantly clear from the first inquiry.

I have recently concluded my first purchase of an investment property sourced by NTI, along with an attractive pool of other potential deals, and am pleased to report that my assumptions have been proven correct – they are indeed a team of true professionals, on all fronts, and the outstanding services they provide remains equally top-notch post-purchase and during the management phase as well”.

Natalia Forrest  (Freelance Editor), London, UK : “We have been NTI’s clients since early 2016, have purchased our first Japanese real-estate property investment through them, and are currently in the process of purchasing our second. All throughout this process, we have been enjoying consistently professional, transparent and reliable service – full disclosure and due diligence have been forthcoming, vacancies, repairs and other issues swiftly and efficiently attended to. The Japanese property market is one of the world’s largest, highest yielding and best regulated – and NTI’s services are one of the best ways for non-native foreigners like ourselves to profit from it”.

David Shackley (Owner/Operator, Cleaning Business), Surfers Paradise, Australia : “Thanks for your stream of potentials that you send to me regularly suiting my portfolio preferences, and it’s also handy receiving the periodical accounting from NTI for me to keep an eye on my position. 

Purchasing property investments is tough enough, let alone in my case living in Australia and buying in Japan, however your constant communication, level of knowledge, due diligence checks and hands on participation with all the legals has made my experience purchasing through NTI effortless. I’ve also enjoyed paying less than full price because of your negotiation skills with my properties.

Keep up the fine work.”

John Elliott (Real Estate Agent) – New Hamphshire, USA :“As someone who works in the real estate industry here in the US, I can appreciate professional service when I run across it, and NTI is definitely all about professional service. Superb communication at every step of the way, full ownership of every aspect of the portfolio, from purchase to management, no strings attached and no backpedalling. Straight forward, hassle free investment with high returns, as advertised.”

Jitjan Montriwat (Family Office Administrator) – Bangkok, Thailand:“Our family has been working with NTI and their principals since late 2013, based on the recommendation of our banker in Singapore, and have established a substantial investment portfolio thanks to their services. They have been facilitating purchases, managing financials and working directly with our accountant, thereby making our Japanese property investments a seamless, hands-free process and a very profitable venture.”

Kylie Hayes (Business Analyst, IT) – Canberra, Australia:“I have wanted to invest in real estate for many years now, but was reluctant to take on the debt normally associated with such ventures. Following a family member’s recommendation and personal experience, I have engaged NTI’s services in mid 2015, and have since then purchased two affordable, well located Japanese investment properties through them – for the cash equivalent of a typical upfront deposit on a mortgage loan, in any other developed country! To my delight, I’ve discovered the recommendations I have received were 100% correct – transactions have been smooth and transparent, income regularly forthcoming and reliable, and all ongoing portfolio management issues, large or small, have been handled superbly and in a timely fashion, until resolved completely. Thank you, NTI!”

Alvin Poh (Business Owner) – Singapore: “I was referred to NTI via a business associate from Australia, who recommended them as a reliable and profitable investment portfolio manager. In the few months leading to my first purchase of a Japanese property investment, I quickly came to realize that I’m dealing with an exceptional team of professionals. Information has been ample, dealings transparent, and advice spot-on. I’ve since purchased three additional properties through them, and have been enjoying their creative problem-solving, timely reporting and, most importantly, stable and reliable high yields. Here’s hoping that others will follow their lead as far as reliability, customer service and professionalism go”.

Chris Werner (Wealth Manager) – Los Angeles, USA: “Real estate investments, by nature, always carry an inherent risk factor – and when these risks eventuate, mitigating them and minimising damages is a service provider’s most gruelling test. Having had the misfortune of purchasing two tenanted units through NTI, only to have one of them immediately vacated by the tenant, I was concerned about portfolio performance being seriously hampered at such an early stage – however, my fears were laid to rest, as the company immediately took ownership of the situation, and proceeded to efficiently communicate some creative and constructive options, utilise local professionals to test and trial possible solutions, and follow my instructions to the letter, until the unit has been re-populated to my satisfaction. Fantastic work by a good and reliable agency”.

N H (Forensic Accountant) – Sydney, Australia : “I first came across NTI when I was researching online for ways to invest in high-yielding properties in Japan, in order to diversity my global portfolio. After undertaking due diligence on NTI and their principals, including being in touch with an existing client in Australia, I was satisfied that it was worth giving them a shot with the selection, acquisition and subsequent management of a Japanese property. That was in early 2015 and I am currently in the process of acquiring a third investment property in Japan with their assistance. I have found the processes implemented by the company in their operation to be transparent, which is reassuring – especially when undertaking large transactions in a foreign country. However, the aspect that I value the most, which sets them apart from real estate agents that I have dealt with in Australia (I am unable to comment on agents located in other countries), is their emphasis on effective communication. I am unable to get on the phone with them on a regular basis due to the geographic and time zone differences. However, this has never been an issue, as they are always quick to respond to my emails. I look forward to further increasing my Japanese property portfolio with the assistance of NTI.”

Gwenael (Financial Controller) & Mika (Home Maker) – Paris, France :“as a French-Japanese couple, and being pretty familiar with local economic environment and culture, Japanese real estate market looked naturally as a way to diversify our assets. However, property research and management was something we had to delegate as we are physically based in Europe and as we had too many technical and legal questions to which we could not find answers by ourselves. A visit to Fukuoka in 2013 proved to us that opportunities existed in second-tier cities with a much lower entry ticket price and higher yields than in the Tokyo area. It took us a while before we actually decide to go ahead but, by late 2014, a benchmark of several local agencies proposing property hunting and management in English in the area quickly showed that NTI was the obvious choice – due to their wide range of service and property choices (all over Japan, thanks to their extensive and pro-active market scouting) as well as due to the quality and precision in their answers to all our neophyte questions. It only took a few months before we bought our first property in April 2015 and we are now thinking about hunting for a second one, in structured portfolio building logic.”

Erik (Business Owner, Investor & Trader) & Carmen (IT Freelancer) – Malaysia :“I have progressed my career in the corporate world for over 15 years, plus another 5 years in international trading (equities, forex, futures), I see myself as a long-term student of global markets. With only two local properties, hoping for capital appreciation, and with ridiculously low rental income and cumbersome tenancy management, I have begun extensive research into the best investments in terms of high return, affordability, stability, long-term growth potential and geographical diversity – this in spite of demotivating negative feedback from friends, relatives and colleagues. The reason I have finally chosen NTI was due to their unique responsiveness, resourcefulness, passion, and personalised, proactive service. In the seven months  leading to my first purchase, I have exchanged approximately 250 emails with them – touching upon various subjects such as company verification and authenticity, investment approach, local culture, portfolio criteria and property selection, funds transfers, legal documentation and monthly income collection. Even more amazing is the consistency – I am still enjoying the same level of service to this very day. They are a reputable and trustworthy agency, fulfilling all of my strict criteria, and providing me with peace of mind. Superb service from an ideal partner!”

Patricia Neo (VP, Starwood Hotels & Resorts) – Singapore :“Having enjoyed holidaying in Japan for many years now, I was curious as to the investment potential of the country. I found that, while internationally renown locations such as London, Sydney or New York aren’t very affordable, and do not offer very attractive rental returns, the situation is quite different in Japan, especially lesser known parts of the country. Penetration into these areas is difficult, as the Japanese are notoriously foreigner-shy – but fortunately for me, I discovered NTI’s services, which bridged the gap most efficiently. My first property was finalized and settled within three months of the initial contact, and I was pleasantly surprised at their level of honest, direct communication, professional due diligence and problem-solving, and their very affordable and professional services. I am looking forward to expand my portfolio as soon as possible, and will most certainly be utilizing their services again for this purpose”.

George H (Software developer) – United Kingdom : “I had been looking into real estate investment as a source of passive income and investment for retirement. Japan offers excellent cap rates for residential property investors, however the best deals are to be found outside of Tokyo, and finding agents with knowledge of such locations and who will readily work with foreigners can be challenging. NTI helped provide the much-needed X-ray eyes into this somewhat opaque market, sourcing those properties best suited to my income requirements and risk appetite, then taking care of the property purchase and ongoing management entirely on my behalf. For open-book honesty with no spin or doublespeak, I highly recommend NTI to cash buyers looking to invest in Japan.”

Maria Kovach (Full Time Mom) – USA / Japan : “I am a foreigner living in Japan and had been looking to purchase properties here for some time. After meeting many local realtors and always leaving with questions lost in translation, in June 2014, I found and contacted NTI and in less than four months my first property investment was complete. NTI broadened my options on locations in Japan, advised and answered all my questions promptly, thoroughly, and professionally, continue to facilitate management and keep me updated regularly. From the beginning everything has been kept transparent, there was never a surprise fee or questions left unanswered, they are an exceptional company.”

TC Tan & PN Wee (Hoteliers) – Singapore : “No company is perfect, and everyone can make mistakes – one of the things which impressed us the most about NTI when we first started working with them, was their awareness of this fact. Without any pretence, arrogance or back-tracking, NTI took full responsibility, not only for any commitments they have made to us and on our behalf, but also for any errors or delays, however slight, in communication or delivery. Not that there were many of those – the level of service awareness, customer care and seriousness in everything that they do is clearly evident from the very first email or telephone call, and all through-out their portfolio construction, due diligence and management. Two thumbs up!”

Michael & Nicole – Canberra, Australia : “We engaged Nippon Tradings International to source our first Japanese investment property in late 2012, our second purchase through them in mid-2013, and are currently in the process of further enlarging our portfolio. We were very impressed by the quality of communication and were kept well informed of all aspects relating to the purchase. The NTI team adopted a professional approach to the task and delivered a great result that met or exceeded our expectations on all fronts.”

Marcus (Architect) –Toronto, Canada / Stockholm, Sweden : “I first contacted NTI in May 2014, and less than three months later they have successfully assisted me in purchasing my first investment property in Japan. As my first property investment of any kind, NTI was able to make this process as smooth and easy as possible. The staff at NTI, which consist of a healthy mix of local and international experts, are very knowledgeable and helpful. They provided me with thorough and detailed information on the properties and the process, no questions were left unanswered, and I was kept informed every step of the way. For those who are interested in exploring Japan as one of the places to invest in, I would highly recommend checking out NTI.”

Andrew Cheah (Managing Director, Oil & Gas) – Singapore : “My private banker, an NTI client himself, introduced me to the company early in 2014. While I regularly visit Japan on holidays, I had never considered purchasing property there – not being aware of how truly affordable and lucrative these investments can be. Besides, with a language gap in a foreign land, and having limited knowledge on Japanese property transactions, I would not have invested. Fortunately, NTI bridges this gap, by bringing the best of Japan’s property market to foreign buyers and representing them to the fullest degree. I have already purchased several properties through them – the company’s principals and staff have followed my criteria and instructions precisely, executed negotiations, due diligence, contracts etc – and are facilitating flawless management on a regular basis. Well done, NTI!”

Alison Wilson (Business owner) & Pablo Capdevila (Banker) – Argentina/Sydney, Australia : “We  wanted to diversify our portfolio and step away from the headache we were experiencing with our US properties. Originally, we sought to buy abroad to offset a sizeable mortgage here but were feeling more than a little risk adverse! After some research we contacted NTI in 2012, to facilitate our first Japanese investment property purchase, having been impressed by, but also slightly suspicious of, the alleged high returns, affordable entry levels and the convenience of a fully managed portfolio. All of the above had turned out to exactly as advertised – as a result, we have completed our second purchase in 2013. All through-out the process, NTI’s staff have kept us fully informed, facilitated reports, negotiations and interpretation services with a warm, personal and approachable attitude. We have had a headache free experience with Ziv Magen and his NTI team and importantly trouble free property investment! We would not hesitate to recommend NTI and their services to anyone seeking a diversified, reliable and high-yielding investment property portfolio.”

Julie Tay (General Management) –Singapore : “We first contacted NTI in October 2013, based on a friend’s recommendation, who advised us that now is an opportune time to enter the Japanese property market. Fully satisfied with the result of our first purchase, we have since expanded our portfolio to quite a few investment units, geographically spread all over the country for diversity, and all generating superb monthly returns – and are still on the look-out for more. NTI’s professional advice, transparency and complete ownership of every aspect of the purchase and management process are a unique asset for any portfolio manager – we highly recommend them for anyone, anywhere, who is interested in a highly profitable, fully manageable, hands-off investment.”

Ang Eng Hieang, (Wealth manager) – Singapore : “Japanese properties as an investment proposition are very compelling – with double digit net rental yield, deflated capital values from the economic malaise of the past two decades and the added attraction of the weak yen. Execution will be a challenge given the language, and cultural barriers of the homogeneous society. But thanks to the very professional work provided by Nippon Tradings International, I have been blessed to conclude my first purchase of a very well located property in Kumamoto Prefecture in Southern Japan early last year. The whole process has been very smooth, and educational thanks to the patience and diligent work of NTI’s principals. I have since expanded, and am looking forward to further expand upon this relationship with them.”

Chris Jones, (IT professional) – Atlanta, USA / Tokyo, Japan : “As a US citizen living and working in Japan, I’ve always wanted to invest in this lucrative and highly-regulated real-estate market – but could never find the time and resources to do the required research, analysis and due diligence. NTI solved this problem for me by researching and suggesting properties that suited my criteria, negotiating, securing and facilitating the deal, then managing it on a regular basis – all I needed to do was choose the location, price and profile of the property I wanted, fill out a few documents, and start collecting the returns – completely remotely. I never even had to attend a single meeting in person. They took all the guesswork, fear and uncertainty out of the property purchase process and did it in the most professional, transparent and efficient way – I highly recommend NTI as your next investment partner.”

 V N (Vice President, bank) – Singapore :“I always thought that global real estate investment would be a complex and extremely costly exercise in itself. In 2013, while looking for opportunities to expand my investment portfolio and passive income, a satisfied friend recommended NTI’s buyers’ and proxy services to me. I was pleasantly surprised. They accommodate all budgets for a fully tenanted and managed Japanese apartment. I concluded my first hassle-free purchase through them in less than a month, and started earning income from the day of settlement. The service was excellent – highly professional, friendly and informative. Every question and doubts raised were promptly and adequately addressed. This was one of the most seamless investment transactions I have completed. I have since then been expanding my portfolio as the opportunity arises.”

Elizabeth (retired) & Barry (Property investor) Scholz – Adelaide, Australia : “We have recently contacted NTI to kick off our Asian real-estate portfolio, and facilitate the purchase of our investment property in Japan. Their service, attention to detail and complete disclosure were uncanny, as were their market and foreign exchange know-how and expertise. NTI identified potential properties based on our criteria, rejected the inappropriate ones, quickly identified the best project for us, and moved to secure it. We recommend them highly and vouch for their reliability, professionalism and superb services”.

A M (Property Investor), Australia : “My relationship with NTI and their principals goes back almost a decade now. They’ve helped me establish my real-estate portfolio in Japan, assisted with property management, funds management and international transfers, and have always helped me capitalize on exchange rate trends in the process. The best investment decision I ever made”.

Z (Business Owner), Israel :“We bought our first unit in Fukuoka city through NTI last year, and are extremely pleased with the decision and work that was done on our behalf. We were kept fully informed, down to the dollar, of every cost involved, received periodical balance sheets, progress reports and advice, and are currently collecting our incomes monthly in Japan, and transferring funds to our local account when exchange rates are favourable – something NTI are always quick to report and act upon. All in all, our initial (natural!) hesitations and fears were quickly dispelled, as NTI’s staff have proven to us time and time again that their work, integrity and professional advice are all top notch. Couldn’t be happier.”

Avi, (Organic grower & Agricultural entrepreneur) – Rural NSW, Australia :“NTI’s Japanese staff represented us in our dealings with local growers and exporters, escorted us and provided translation services during our business trips to Japan, then held our hand all the way through to a standardized, fully documented importing logistics regime. Their integrity and professionalism is un-paralleled, their advice priceless.”

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