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NTI (Nippon Tradings International) is a buyers agency/portfolio manager – helping you BUY, SELL & MANAGE your real-estate properties in Japan – REMOTELY & ELECTRONICALLY, from the comfort of your home or office – without having to speak, read or write a single word in Japanese

From property search, selection, negotiation, settlement & ownership transfer, to rent & financial management, portfolio expansion & exit strategies – NTI is a one-stop-shop, and your gateway to Japanese realty – whether you’re interested in a permanent/holiday home, or in lucrative property investments, at all price levels – from as low as $20,000!

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If you’ve got a bit of time, the hour-long seminar below, held in Tokyo in 2019, and the hour-and-half webinar below it, will provide you with a thorough introduction to market fundamentals, the processes and time-frames involved in Japan real estate property investment, the due diligence required before green-lighting a deal, and plenty of deal analysis samples – (click here for photo gallery) –

Who are We?

NTI’s principals & foreign investment specialists, who are investors themselves, are trained and experienced in relating to your unique requirements and budget, presenting the best that the market has to offer, and representing you – at the highest professional standards and to your full satisfaction – until your purchase is complete.

Your portfolio will then be shared with our rent management division, for ongoing management and periodical reporting – all of this from the comfort of your home or office.

If this sounds like it should cost alot – think again, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Our fees are pre-quoted and fixed, affordable, and are already included in all property rental return calculations, as published on this website.

How Reliable are We?

NTI is a family business & registered Japanese company, with offices in both Japan and Australia, and as such is constantly monitored, regulated and reports to a large number of national and international supervisional bodies.

We are not real-estate agents, developers, wholesalers, short-sales, flippers, nor are we associated with finance, mortgage or foreclosure agencies of any sort. As buyers’ agents and proxies, NTI represents only YOU – the buyer – and your interests. (And that’s not just us tooting our own horn – read what our clients think).

We will also provide, upon request and at no cost, legal and financial references for our company and principals, from credible & verifiable sources, in both Japan and Australia – as well as full and thorough documentation proving our identity, reliability and accountability. Ask for our Credibility Pack and receive this information today.

To meet our principals and divisional managers “face to face”, please visit our “Principals and Staff” page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it All Work? What are the Costs? Who Does What? What’s Payable and When? Find the Answers to all these questions, and more – on our Frequently Asked Questions Page – or contact us directly.

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